Cooking With Hannah

Staged Family PRIVATE

…the quite special kitchen at STAGING HOUSE turns into a possible stage for your production – if you love food & cooking for example…
here Lukas and his family in action…


Family Gut Oggau


wine-maker family Tscheppe-Eselböck at their winery GUT OGGAU –
We stage you at your own location

The Family Tree

Staged Family PRIVATE

The old mulberry tree in the garden of STAGING HOUSE turns into your FAMILY TREE – all seasons possible…


Dinner for Two

Staged Family PRIVATE

The historic winecellar at STAGING HOUSE is a very special location for all kind of scenarios for your STAGED FAMILY production…

The House of the Architects

Staged Family PRIVATE

We stage your at your home…
an unforgettable experiance and challange…

Waiting for Hannah

Staged Family PRIVATE

…even if your child is not born yet, you can all be part of a STAGED FAMILY production 😉
all kind of scenarios are possible at your own location!

The Family SPLASH

Staged Family PRIVATE

Not a classical family-portrait… kind of wet…
we love to stage you with some humor and little jokes…

Wedding to Oggau

Staged Family FRIENDS

STAGED FAMILY FRIENDS, inspired by historic painting „The wedding to Kana“ (Hieronymus Bosch) at the historic wine callar Staging House Oggau.
YOU can GO WILD of course!

The Freak Supper

Staged Family ART

The British underground band THE TIGER LILLIES and the Freak Show Ensemble
Staging the bizarre side of life...

The very first Pink Supper

Staged Family ART

London Gallery owner and pink character NICK TREADWELL staged all characters in this production
EVERYTHING IS POSSIBLE, all colors, all characters – NO LIMITS…

SK RAPID „Alle Gemeinsam“

Staged Family BUSINESS

Imagecampagne for Austrian footballclub SK RAPID WIEN


Staged Family BUSINESS

We enjoy all challenges and appreciate to look into the subject of your business – STAGED FAMILY BUSINESS…
here a Gigapixel of about 7000 members of footballclub SK RAPID Vienna in the new Allianz stadium Vienna…
by zooming into the picture you will be able to recognize all faces…